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About Us

Veesure Animal Health is a leading player in Veterinary Pharmaceuticals & Animal Health Industry. We have a dedicated team of professionals working with us at our manufacturing and corporate base in Ahmedabad, India. Our commitment to quality, integrity and animal ethics is unparalleled in the industry. Globally we have presence in countries of Middle East, Africa & South-EastAsia.

We are a leading player in Veterinary Pharmaceuticals & Animal Health Industry

Veesure Animal Health is built on the foundation of providing the highest quality products & aims to be a leader through its services and innovation. It is working towards its goal of creating value addition to its customers.

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Poultry sector is the fastest growing component of global animal health demand, and India, the world's second largest developing country, is experiencing rapid growth in its poultry sector. Our dedicated team provides Poultry solutions to increase weight gain, improve feed intake and FCR, increase energy efficiency and utilization among breeders, broilers and layers.

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Pig farmers face many common challenges such as sow productivity, gut integrity, pre-wean mortality and feed costs. We offer a niche range of feed supplements for Swine which increase protein synthesis and energy metabolism to increase production and profitability of farmers.

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Large & small ruminants are primarily kept for milk production and meat production. We provide comprehensive range of products, tailor made for successful running of dairy farms. Our aim is to raise and care for farm animals, ruminants in order to help them achieve their optimum levels of milk production.

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Veesure’s solutions for aqua provide our customers with a competitive advantage through nutritional technologies tailored to address challenges impacting modern aqua production and profitability. Our Aqua product range includes Probiotics, Zeolites, Soil Improvers, Oxygen Improvers, Tonics, Growth Promoters, Disinfectants etc.

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We are actively involved in the business with our Global Partners by providing Technical Support, Technical Seminars, Field Visits, Training of Field Staff, Promotional Support, Innovative Packaging leading to Customer Delight.

We continuously innovate and ideate to develop customized animal health solutions for our clients. We put our products to field trials on various animals including poultry, swine, cow, buffalo, camel, horse, mare, goat, sheep etc. We also promote joint research activities with various academic and non-governmental institutions.

We have one of the state of art associated GMP Manufacturing facility for animal health products. The plant caters to manufacturing of feed supplements, herbal products, veterinary pharmaceuticals and nutritionals products in form of Premixes, oral liquids, dry powders, water soluble powders, bolus etc

The international team is headed by experienced professionals having technical and marketing knowledge of global animal health market. The team has travelled and visited many countries and has participated in various expos like VIV, ILDEX, Aviana, IPPE, Eurotier etc.

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New Launches


Veesure Animal Health launches new product regularly as we continuously innovate and ideate to develop customized animal health solutions for our clients. The products are designed keeping in mind the needs of various markets and target customer.