Product Description

RENOSURE-H is a synergistic combination of phytochemical bioactives as a safe and effective kidney tonic to optimise the kidney functions and help maintain the normal regeneration of damaged nephrons.
Kidneys play a major part in regulating the acid-base balance. It is a herbal blend of selected natural herb extracts known for their beneficial actions for the kidney’s functions. It helps in the recovery from infectious conditions such as leptospirosis or other bacterial and viral urinary tract infections. It acts as a diuretic, anti-urolithic and helps in urinary tract infections. It also prevents stone formation and removes pre-formed stones from the kidney, rendering the birds healthy and promoting their growth.

  • Benefits:
    • For quick and complete development of nephrons and kidney functions in high strain chicks in first 2 – 3 weeks for proper metabolic and detoxification functions to maintain health, livability and growth.

    • To help normal excretion of metabolic wastes, excess uric acid, uroliths etc., more particularly in high yield strain chicks which are generally prone to gout, urolithiasis etc.

    • To help maintain normal kidney and urinary functions.

    • As nutritional support to help maintain kidney functions in compromised conditions, along with and after the unavoidable use of nephrotoxic drugs such as gentamycin and sulpha drugs etc.

    • As kidney tonic in the conditions such as protein losing nephropathy of old age or amyloidosis in pets.

    • As an aid to recovery from infectious conditions such as leptospirosis and other bacterial and viral urinary tract infections in animals.
  • Feed Inclusion Rate:
    • 1 kg - 2 kg per ton of feed or as per the direction of the veterinarian

    • Liquid
    • Small Animals 10-15 ml Twice in a Day

    • Large Animals 15-30 ml Twice in a Day

    • Poultry: 5 ml per litre of drinking water or as per the directions of the veterinarian
  • Presentation:
    • Liquid: 500 ml, 1 & 5 litres HDPE Containers

    • Powder: 25 kg double liner paper bag
  • Target species:
    • Large Farm Animals, Small Animals, Poultry
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