Calcisure Gel

Calcisure Gel is a superior quality and highly bioavailable oral Anionic Gel which increases the serum calcium level within 15 minutes of oral administration. It improves quality & quantity of milk and helps to prevent milk fever


Calcium Anionic (Ca++) 43.5gm per 300 gm tube

  • Benefits:
    • For improving Milk production

    • Prevention of Milk Fever

    • Activates Vitamin D3 and Calcium Metabolism

    • As a follow up therapy after IV Calcium Infusion

    • Primary Uterine Inertia

    • Improves uterine tone for better consumption

    • Maintains serum calcium level, longer than IV Calcium Therapy

    • Provides 5 times more calcium then IV Calcium Injection

  • Dosage & Administration:
    • Via Oral route

    • Administer one tube 6-12 hours prior to calving and give another tube within 6-12 hours after calving.
  • Presentation:
    • Squeezable bottle of 300gm
  • Directions of Use
    • Cut off nozzle tip, hold the head in elevated position, place the nozzle by the side of muzzle and squeeze the centre of the tube slowly
  • Target species:
    • Cattle, Sheep & Goat
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