Balanced enzyme premix for poultry Feeds


Each gram contains: Xylanase, Pectinase, Cellulase, Phytase with supportive activities of beta-glucanase, alpha-galactosidase, beta mannanase, amylase, protease and lipase along with Direct Fed Microbes

  • Benefits:
    • Better nutrient utilization

    • Optimizes growth and production

    • Reduces DCP requirement

    • Prevents wet litter condition

    • Minimized effect of anti-nutritional factors
  • Indications:
    • Effective enzymatic nutritional supplement
  • Feed Inclusion Rate:
    • 500g per ton of feed for poultry
  • Presentation:
    • 10 kg and 25 kg Polybag
  • Target species:
    • Poultry
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