Fatosure is a calcium salt of Palm Fatty Acids and other soft oils with suitable fatty acid profile for ruminating animals.

  • Benefits:
    • An economical energy source to increase the energy density of the food rations

    • High energy content ME (kcal/kg) of 7,450

    • A good digestibility of 96% to 98%

    • Easy to handle, transport and administer
  • Usage:
    • For ruminating animals like dairy and beef cattle, sheepand goat for usage in compounded feed milk replacers and concentrates

    • To achieve high productivity in terms of milk and milk fat in dairy cattle and goats
    • To shorten fattening period
    • To have excellent quality carcass in beef cattle, sheep and goats
    • To increase fertility, conception
  • Dosage:
    • 1 – 3% of the diet
      (100-150 g per animal per day depending upon the level of milk production or lactation stage and stages of Pregnancy. 20-25 g for growing Calves/pregnant Heifers)
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