Minzmix is a mineral mixture with essential amino acids for better appetite, growth and productivity


Each Kg Powder contains:
Copper, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc, Bioactive Chromium, Methionine, Calcium, Phosphorus

  • Benefits:
    • Supplementation of minerals for better growth of animals

    • Nutritional use

    • Essential amino acids for proper development of animals
  • Feed Inclusion Rate:
    • Via Oral route and to be mixed with feed

    • Cow and Buffalo: 30 g daily, orally

    • Calves: 10 g daily, orally

    • Mixing ration for Fish: 1 kg to be mixed in 100 kg of Feed
  • Presentation:
    • Poly bag of 1 kg and 10 kg
  • Target species:
    • Large animals, Cattle, Sheep & Goat, Horses
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