Respisure-H +


Respisure-H + is a 10X water soluble concentrate based on essential oils of botanical origin having functional properties as Bronchodilator and Expectorant.

  • Benefits:
    • Birds relaxes from respiratory troubles quickly

    • Improves function of Respiratory troubles quickly

    • Highly useful in the treatment of respiratory diseases like CRD, Coryza etc as a supportive therapy along with specific treatments

    • Helps in functioning of total respiratory organs with its full capacity

    • Bird relaxes well and takes normal quantity of feed to produce normal results

  • Dosage & Administration:
    • In Birds:

    • Drinking Water Application:

    • 1000 ml per 5000 litres of Drinking Water

    • Farm Fogging Application:

    • 100 ml to 200 ml per 5 litre of water per 5000 Cubic Feet (or) as advised by a veterinarian

  • Presentation:
    • 250 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml, 5 litre HDPE packaging
  • Target species:
    • Poultry
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