Each 1 litre containscombination of Gluconeogenic precursor, Nicotinamide & Cyanocobalamin

  • Benefits:
    • Overcomes energy deficiency and negative energy balance especially during peri-partum period, lactation and gestation period

    • Prevents ketone body formation

    • Enhances ruminal fermentation

    • Fulfills energy requirement
  • Usage:
    • For ruminating animals like dairy and beef cattle, sheepand goat for usage in compounded feed milk replacers and concentrates

    • To achieve high productivity in terms of milk and milk fat in dairy cattle and goats

    • To shorten fattening period

    • To have excellent quality carcass in beef cattle, sheep and goats

    • To increase fertility, conception
  • Dosage & Administration:
    • Via Oral route
      Cattle: 200 ml daily for the first two days followed by 100 ml daily for the next two days
  • Presentation:
    • HDPE plastic bottles of 1 litre
  • Target Species:
    • Cattle
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