Growth Promoter Natural Activated Silicon Atoms for Animal Feed Application


Composition: Active Nano Silicone energized through proprietary Quantum Chemical process
Application method: Pond & Feed Through Application
Shelf life: 24 months

  • Technology:
    • Quantum Chemical Process transfers electron from one orbit to another orbit and increases ion exchange & electromagnetic properties of elemental silicone

    • This technology is based on the principle of electron transfer & inturn energy transfer on a silicone surface capable of storing and transferring it to other molecules with which it interacts inside Gut.

    • optimization of the ionic exchanges between SilicaSure, water and other molecules to enable a faster and optimized homeostasis inside Gut.

  • Mode of Action:
    • SilicaSure increases the POTENTIAL ENERGY of water, thereby promoting all the ENERGY OR ELECTRON exchanges that occur during biochemical reactions.

    • SilicaSure acts as a catalyst for hydrolysis reactions responsible for the degradation of macromolecules into nutrients.

    • Activates aerobic cycle and thus, limits the proliferation of anaerobic bacteria. These results in a reduction of gas emissions including ammonia and improved homogenization of manure stored in tanks.

  • Salient Features:
    • enhances the digestive system & improves the assimilation of nutrients by transferring energy at quantum level and thereby increasing activity of Enzymes, Minerals & probiotics

    • Promotes Growth, increases body weight and Improves FCR

    • reduces the emission of harmful gases, bad odors, methane & ammonia

    • Reduces toxic metabolites like H2S & Nitrites in Pond

    • improves the quality of manure, litter and water by increasing dissolved oxygen

    • Reduces pathogenic bacteria in manure and pond

    • Increases the efficiency of antibiotics and acidifiers used in animal feed

    • Enhances the efficacy of Protease, Phytase & NSP

  • Dosage and Administration:
    • Feed Through:

    • 200 grams to 400 grams per ton of feed.

    • Product must be mixed thoroughly in uniform manner.

    • For better mixing please mix 200 grams of SilicaSure to 5 kg of premix or calcite prior to mixing into feed.

    • Pond Through:

    • 200 grams to 500 grams per Acre, repeat every week or as guided by aquaculture consultant.

    • During last 4 weeks of production we recommend adding 500 grams per acre to be repeated every week. For the best results

  • Presentation:
    • 25 Kg
  • Target species:
    • Poultry, Swine, Aqua
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