Sweet Taste Enhancer for Cattle/Swine Feed & Formulation Application


Composition: Each gm contains Natural like Sweeteners, Gut Prebiotics & Stabilizers. 1 Kg is equal to 550 Kg of Sugar
Appearance: Free flowing brownish colour powder.
Odour & Taste: Sweet like Sugar, with long lasting sweet after taste.
Thermo-Stability: Stable at pelleting temperature.
Application method: Feed Through Application. Used as a Feed Additives, Feed Supplement, to manufacture compounded animal feed, top dressing on animal feed, for TMR mixing.
Shelf life: 36 months

  • Salient Features:
    • High intensity sweet taste enhancer for Animal feed application.

    • Sweetening palatant as per EU feed additive classification

    • Approximately 550 times sweeter than sugar ie. 1 Kg is equal to 550 Kg of Sugar

    • Gut Microflora Enhancer due to presence of Prebiotics

    • A synergistic complex of high intensity sweetner, taste enhancing & taste potentiating agents.

    • All the ingredients used are USFDA & EU listed for both Human Food & Animal Feed Application.

    • Free of Animal By-products.

    • Excellent sugar like long lasting taste without bitter or metallic after taste.

    • Mask bitter tastes associated with high levels of medications and minerals.

    • Enhances feed or mineral mixture palatability and stimulates consumption of feed.

    • Low inclusion rates. So, gives freedom to nutritionist to include non-palatable but highly nutritious feed ingredients like Guar Korma.

  • Usage:
    • For Animal Feed Application. Can be used in Compounded Pellet Feed, Mesh Feed, TMR, Mineral Mixture & Dry fodder etc.
  • Feed Inclusion Rate:
    • In Feed

    • 100 to 200 grams per ton of Compounded Finished Feed

    • 200 to 400 grams per ton of Mineral mixture

    • In Species

    • Swine: 50-150g/tonne of feed

    • Ruminants: 100-250g/tonne of feed

    • Or as suggested by Animal Nutritionist.

  • Presentation:
    • 25 kg
  • Target species:
    • Livestock (Ruminants), Swine
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