Vitasol E+Se

Liquid supplementation of VITAMIN E FORTIFIED WITH SELENIUM for Poultry


Each 1000 ml contains:
Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) 75,000 mg
Selenium (sodium selenite) 45,000 mcg

  • Role of Vitamin E:
    • Maintains optimum fertility in Livestock

    • Maintains Hatchability in Breeders

    • Maintains normal embryonic development in Poultry

    • Helps normal functioning of the immune system
  • Role of Selenium:
    • Along with Vitamin E, Selenium is responsible for Improvement in growth of the chicks and young animals

  • Benefits:
    • Maintains optimum fertility in livestock and hatchability in breeder flocks.

    • Improves weight of bursa, spleen & thymus there by immunity.

    • Reduces incidence of ascites sudden death syndrome in broillers.

    • Reduces mortality due to stress conditions.

    • Ensure faster recovery from disease.

    • Improves vaccination titre against ND and IBD.

  • Indications:
    • In all cases of Vitamin E and/or Selenium deficiency in birds

    • To prevent and treat Oxidative Diathesis

  • Dosage & Administration:
    • Poultry: 1.0 ml per 3 liters; drinking water

    • Small Animals: 5 ml per head

    • Large Animals: 25 ml per head

  • Presentation:
    • 1 liter, 5 litre
  • Target species:
    • Poultry, Large and small animals
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